They say that health and beauty starts with total body purification. Indeed, one cannot stay against this statement. As stated in a well-known saying, "what's inside, it’s outside.” Hamam, as part of the wellness area of the hotel "Alsey"... In the East, a Turkish bath has long been considered a source of unearthly delights and a special ritual. Turkish sauna has much more wet steam (from 70-80% to 100%), due to low temperatures - it is light and well tolerated.

Unlike in classical saunas, in hammam the skin and hair does not dry, but on the other hand it actually moisturizes. This effect provides a combination of high humidity and low temperatures. Due to hydration of the skin, Hamam does not "Wash Away" the tan, on the contrary, it helps to consolidate it better. After visiting our Hammam, your skin starts to "breathe" and recover itself with a better efficiency, it becomes smooth, pink and taut. In addition, a Turkish bath accelerates the metabolic processes. That, in turn, slows the effects of aging, it helps one with weight loss and overall rejuvenation of the body. Another important effect of the hamam – relaxation. Our Hammam calms the nervous system, improves one’s sleep, headaches and anxiety plus it improves mood. Turkish bath gently, carefully and deeply warms one’s muscles and joints. Visiting Hamman after an intense physical or mental exercise helps one relax. It also has a positive effects for recovering from an injury.

Ancient oriental treatise states that a visit Hamam gives ten benefits: mental clarity, freshness, vigor, health, strength, beauty, youth, purity, pleasant skin color and the attention of beautiful women. Well, or men - as you like it :-)