When the spring sun rises higher and higher on the horizon, the town square crowded with people. Walk on the asphalt alley can be enjoyable, but even the most beautiful park - it's just a substitute for natural scenery. It is recognized that walking is the most reasonable kind of physical activity, almost no contraindications. And the most attractive form of walk is a tourist trip to the specially designed route. Our Ecological route path allows us to estimate the unique beauty of our Siberian nature, get to know its rich natural potential, witness the spectacular natural landscapes, rich flora and fauna of Siberia.

The route offers a good opportunity to get acquainted with different types of landscapes, forests, streams, marshes and meadows. The trail starts 400 meters away from our hotel; strictly follow the signs from the upper edge of our wonderful village Sliznevo.

The length of our circular path is around 5 kilometers. Attention is drawn to the abundance of various lichens on trees, mushrooms and berries. On the way you will see at least 5 anthills, which are relatively big in size. The trail passes through the fabulous forest along the rapid stream called “The tiny Sliznevo”. This creek flows through a broad and swampy valley, completely covered with spruce-fir taiga. The width of the stream varies from two to three meters wide. In summer, the water temperature does not exceed + 13 ° C, due to the abundance of spring fountainheads and small tributaries, deeply shaded, powerful and long-icing soil freezing.

Your route will pass through the historical sites. These include the remains of the lime kilns. Along the way, you will twice pass through a stream on a small bridge, one of which is set next to the old bridge, which was built over 60 years ago.

When you reach the final stream, you may enjoy the pure spring water, you can relax on a specially equipped place. You can fill a bottle with fresh water out from the fountainhead (do not forget to ask for a special packaging for water at the reception before going), the taste of which can not be compared with any other liquid.

Finally, for the most hardworking people, one can challenge oneself towalk up the mountain which is 450 meters. What awaits one at the top is the pure and untouched nature. The wonderfull view of this place can be compered to the ones that National Reserve “Stolby” owns, but this place is only open for you and not for anyone else, which makes your experience more memorable... On the way to the stone plateau, for relaxation we offered two benches that are there for you

We offer the ecological walk on our specially equipped paths all around the year season. Already in April lengthening days provide excellent conditions for traveling and discovering new places. However experiencing the walk in early spring can be complicated. At this time, the water floods the coastal meadows and to be able to freely walk there becomes impassable. In April, the first flowers appear. Among the trees, birds’ calls are heard. According to a popular belief, if the first time in the year your hear a cuckoo, and at that moment you will have money in your pockets – financial success is guaranteed throughout the whole year. In Summer time, there are a lot of strawberries growing. In this case, for a walk in the woods is necessary to allocate more time, because it is difficult to resist the temptation to gather up a few berries. Autumn day becomes shorter, therefore, time for walking becomes less. Colorful foliage forms a beautiful mosaic. The professional mushroom-gatherers are too busy, due to the extraordinary amount of mushroom popping out from the soil. We do not let winter lead its way, when the snow falls, you should put on cross-country skis and experience the winter nature and get exercise at the same time. In the white scenery, even the well-known routes look completely new.

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