Shower of impressions

Whether it was at you no desire to plunge under streams of a summer rain which falls from above? Or to come under water flows of powerful falls? Impressions are fine and there is no wish to leave such state. But not always there is an opportunity to find a summer heavy rains or nearby falls, and after a summer heat so there is a wish to luxuriate under cool streams. And here, our shower of impressions will come to the rescue. After all, it is not simply a shower, and the whole water complex of procedures intended for the maximum pacification and relaxation of a human body. Our shower of impressions – both a universal remedy of calm, and a powerful throw of adrenaline and fresh forces with emotions. All this is reached due to excitement of an integument of the person under water flows specifically of speed and thickness of drops, and corresponding sound and fragrant maintenance will add the created effect of a full relaxation.

The shower of impressions — the unique offer in the brightness and creativity from our hotel, represents Spa, a booth with several programed modes which one can pick, different modes have different options, different directions and forms of the water streams. Combines physical, color, sound, figurative and aromatic influences which form in total incomparable feeling of rest and relaxation.

The shower of impressions is a unique opportunity: depending on the chosen settings it is possible to create an illusion of spring freshness, a haze over the wood, a flower meadow.

Program 1: Ice fog with aroma

Cold drizzle with the smallest drops of water. SPA cabin is filled with the refreshing mint aroma. Along with the beginning rain the main lighting changes to blue. Thunder peals are heard.

Program 2: Storm

In the beginning, warm heavy rain starts. Day lighting is replaced with red-green blinking. Singing of birds is heard. Upon termination of the set time, the tropical rain with dense and soft joins water drops. The shower cabin is filled with fruit aroma. Then the rain weakens and after heavy rain begins.

Program 3: Ocean

The program begins with a warm drizzle. Day lighting is turned off, slowly red, green and blue color lightening beginning to shine. Storm noise are heard. Upon the set time termination, the shower cabin starts to rain with cold water with association of fog imitation. The shower cabin is filled with refreshing mint aroma. The last stage of the program is when the cold fog is replaced with warm tropical rain.

Program 4: A tropical rain with aroma

Warm tropical rain with dense and soft drops of water. Shower cabin is filled with fruit aroma. Along with the beginning of a rain the main lighting is replaced with light-red light.

In only some minutes it is possible to enjoy the aromas of wet needles, ozone, and meadow herbs. Full immersion of the natural atmosphere is promoted by a variation of a stream pressure and water temperature, selection of suitable acoustics, aromas and lighting effects. All of this allows one to disconnect from the existing problems and return itself optimism and cheerfulness.

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